Chicken Lo Mein

It’s already the end of July, and I can’t believe it. Especially since unlike when I wrote my Tart Cherry Jargarita post a couple weeks ago, the weather is no longer sweltering here – in fact, it’s been so cool and almost fall-like that my mind has already begun turning toward scarves and sweatshirts, crunchy, [...]

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Pumpkin Hot Wings

I’m a little late posting this week due to the hurricane weather on Monday and Tuesday, and then scrambling around to get ready for trick or treaters yesterday. Still, I am very grateful. Despite the bottled water and bags of ice I picked up before the storm hit, we never lost water or power, and [...]

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Buffalo Chicken Pot Pies

Even though I’m taking a little vacation from blogging for the next few weeks, I had to share a recipe today that I’ve fallen in love with, just in time for your Super Bowl festivities this weekend. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that I love all things buffalo chicken, and these hot and spicy [...]

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Chicken Pot Pie

Thank you all so much for your feedback on my last post – as I’ve already announced on Twitter and Facebook, Pie Week is a go for the week of the 14th! I spent this past weekend up to my elbows in flour working on pie recipes (and loving every minute of it!), and I’m [...]

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Mexican Chicken and Rice Bake

Sometimes hubby and I get stuck in a food rut, and for a couple weeks we end up eating the same few things for dinner over and over again. It usually happens because I’m too busy to sit down and plan out a menu for the next few weeks, but it also happens if I’m [...]

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