Dark Chocolate Chunk Raspberry Swirl Brownies

In line with my goal to blog more, I’m making a few changes to spruce things up around here. In all the years I’ve been food blogging, I can’t say I’ve ever actually gone “prop shopping” – I’ve always simply used the plates, silverware, and what have you that I have around the house. And [...]

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Irish Cream Brownies and Food-Related Goals for 2012

If you’ve come here looking for a list of healthy recipes to kick off the New Year, I’m sorry to disappoint. The fact of the matter is that I just don’t buy into the intense dieting and working out at the gym everyday craze that happens in January and invariably drops off steeply by the [...]

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Nutella Crunch Brownies

I keep thinking that I’m over my nutella kick, but the fact is that I have so much lost time to make up for that I know I’m just going to keep experimenting with new recipes every chance I get. So, when I saw these over at Crustabakes, I knew I’d be making them as [...]

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Tombstone Brownies

I’m having so much fun with the #GreatHallowTweet bloghop! These Milan tombstone brownies were actually the first idea I had when I was trying to decide on what Halloween treats to make. The actual “tombstones” are based on the Milan cookies I made for the July Daring Baker Challenge, except I halved the recipe and filled them [...]

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