Kahlua Balls

Kahlua Balls - 5

With Christmas only about a week away, I’ve been busy wrapping up loose ends. The shopping is done and most of the presents are wrapped, but if you can believe it, I’m a little behind on my holiday baking! Therefore, this week I’m going to be sharing some quick and easy “last-minute gift” recipes. While I was working on putting together some homemade gift baskets last week, I decided that I wanted to include rum balls in some of them. However, a quick check in the refrigerator revealed that I was out of rum – but, I still had a half-full bottle of Kahlua. Wanting to use what I had on hand, I modified my rum ball recipe, and now I’m not sure I want to go back to the original! I gave away samples to a few people as well, and they’ve already put in their orders for a batch or two of these for their own holiday gifts. These are definitely going into my permanent Christmas treat rotation…and I hope you enjoy them, too!

  • 3 cups crushed graham crackers
  • 3/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup dark cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 cups finely chopped semisweet chocolate
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3 Tbsp agave
  • 1/3 cup Kahlua
  • 3 Tbsp brewed coffee
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar, for rolling

In a large bowl, whisk together the crushed graham crackers, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and chocolate.

Kahlua Balls - 1

Stir in the vanilla, agave, Kahlua, and coffee until the dough comes together.

Kahlua Balls - 2

Shape the dough into 1″ balls. Roll them each in the granulated sugar.

Kahlua Balls - 3

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days to develop the flavor. Makes 15-20 balls.

Kahlua Balls - 4

38 Responses to “Kahlua Balls”

  1. 1 Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    I really need to make these. For breakfast.

  2. 2 Kathia Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    These looks delicious, I actually have a bottle of Kahlua at home that I haven’t use. Thanks for sharing

  3. 3 Aimee @ ShugarySweets Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    These look right up my alley. Thanks!

  4. 4 Blog is the New Black Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 1:37 pm


  5. 5 Amanda Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    I may have to try this!!! Very creative :)

  6. 6 Cookbook Queen Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    Tracy these look fabulous!! I’m totally down for some Kahlua and chocolate. Wish you could bring me some :)

  7. 7 Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    What a brilliant idea! I’m definitely going to have to try this one out! And you’re not the only one behind on Christmas baking…I still have a TON to do! YIKES.

  8. 8 Jenna Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I can believe that the Kahlua beats out the rum–mmm!

  9. 9 Katrina Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Oh my word! I love this! My close friend is a kahlua junkie and would go absolutely bonkers for these. Thanks!

  10. 10 Jamie | My Baking Addiction Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    I love Kahlua – so these sound way better than Rum Balls! Just perfect, Tracy!

  11. 11 Emily ~So Domesticated Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Wow… they look great! Kahlua is soooo good !

  12. 12 Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    I actually have had a tiny bottle of Kahlua for awhile that I’ve been meaning to either drink or bake with! How many did you get out of the recipe? Thinking maybe I could halve or quarter it…

  13. 13 Liz (Little Bitty Bakes) Says:
    December 19th, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    I’m an idiot and can’t read :) I see 15-20… thinking I could cut it in half… thanks!

  14. 14 Shyla Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 2:09 am

    Wow, this is so simple and yumm.

    Can the Kalhua be substituted with any other Liqueur?


  15. 15 G. Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    oh my goodness! I have fond memories of my mom’s rum balls. Before I had to go Gluten-Free, she would ask me what kind of cookie I wanted her to make when I visited for Christmas and I would always request Rum balls and another kind of chocolate-orange cookie. This Kahlua version sounds delicious. I may pass this recipe on to her.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  16. 16 margaret Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Darn! I used up the last of my Kaluah drizzled over mocha ice cream! (You just have to try it) I’ll have to make rum balls this year, but I’m keeping this recipe!

  17. 17 stephchows Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Yup, printing this out NOW to make for my last minute baking needs! AMAZING!!

  18. 18 carolinaheartstrings Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    These look terrific. Love your presentation. Come over and visit. We have a wonderful pimento cheese quiche appetizer for the holiday season. Merry Christmas.

  19. 19 Maria Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    What a fun treat for the holidays!

  20. 20 Cindy B. Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Sounds delicious, I love Kahlua!

  21. 21 Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    Oh my gosh, Tracy… I want to make a triple batch of these. And, keep them for myself! As much as I love rum, I’ve never been big on rum balls. But, Kahlua? Absolutely! This gives me the idea to try Amaretto balls, too… Which would help me to get rid of the giant bottle of Disaronno I have hanging out in my pantry. :)

  22. 22 linda Ferris Says:
    December 21st, 2011 at 9:49 am

    I just made these but used Drambuie!!! Oh LA LA.. they are amazing. These will be on my Hogmanay buffet this year.

  23. 23 Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels Says:
    December 21st, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Oh my goodness, I want alllll of these! I love Kahlua but Kahlua balls?! Yes please! :)

  24. 24 Sarah @ a Dash and a Pinch Says:
    December 21st, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    Oh my gosh these are genius! These definitely trump my peanut butter balls :)

  25. 25 Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen Says:
    December 22nd, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I love a quick and easy homemade gift!

  26. 26 marbaird Says:
    December 23rd, 2011 at 2:20 pm


    I noticed that your instructions never indicate when to add the brewed coffee. I am going to assume it goes at the same time as the vanilla, agave and kahlua.

  27. 27 Tracy Says:
    December 24th, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Marbaird – Thanks for letting me know! You are correct, and I have updated the instructions accordingly. :-) Merry Christmas Eve!

  28. 28 Culinary Collage Says:
    December 28th, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    These look like a great idea to take to a New Years Eve party that we’re going to at a friends house…..thanks!

  29. 29 bridget {bake at 350} Says:
    December 29th, 2011 at 9:33 am

    Is 7:31am too early to eat these?!? ;)

    I just happen to have Kahlua in the house and I really think these are calling my name!

  30. 30 Angie Says:
    December 29th, 2011 at 10:33 am

    I think this is the best recipe I have seen in a really long time…lol. I think I’m gonna make some to take to work and hope that loosens people up a little bit!! Thanks for sharingf!!!

  31. 31 christina @ ovenadventures Says:
    December 29th, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    these sounds soo incredibly good. these will totally be on my table at New Years.

  32. 32 heidi Says:
    January 2nd, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    i see agave in the directions but not in the listed ingredients? do i need agave then and how much?

  33. 33 heidi Says:
    January 2nd, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    oops now i see it.

  34. 34 betty hatfield Says:
    September 10th, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    I would like to mail these and I was wondering if they need to be kept refrigerated.


  35. 35 Tracy Says:
    September 11th, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Betty – I don’t usually refrigerate them. Hope that helps!

  36. 36 betty hatfield Says:
    September 17th, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks so much, Tracy. I can’t wait to make these.

  37. 37 Chris Says:
    October 22nd, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Where do you get the agave? Grocery store item?? I’m going to add these to my goodies list for Christmas for sure.

  38. 38 Tracy Says:
    October 30th, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    Chris – Yes, you can get it at the grocery store – I usually find it in the natural foods section. Hope that helps!

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